Durham Committee Endorses Fred Foster for Durham County Commissioner


About Fred Foster


Fred Foster is a candidate for Durham County Commissioner.  Fred Foster has received key endorsements from community groups including The People’s Alliance, and The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People. The Herald-Sun cited comments from Chairman Phillip Cousins head of the committee, who said that “candidate Fred Foster Jr. received an endorsement because the committee believed he could make a difference as a County Commissioner. He said candidates were chosen for endorsements based on their positions on the achievement gap in education, the economy, the 751 rezoning issues and Amendment One, which the committee opposes”.   Below are little known facts about Fred Foster.




  • Fred Foster is married to Mildred Harris Foster—a union of twenty-seven years
  • He and his wife Mildred are proud parents of four children.
  • Fred earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from North Carolina State University.
  • Fred Foster served his country in the United States Air Force and retired from the Army Reserves after twenty-two years of service with an Honorable Discharge.
  • Fred Foster worked for the state of North Carolina more than twenty years.
  • Fred  Foster worked for the State Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • He worked for Wake County and the County of Durham in the Division of Social Services where he pursued persons who failed to support their children.
  • He served as a Consultant on Child Support Services to the State of North Carolina.


  • Fred Foster is sensitive to matters of criminal and social justice,
  • Fred Foster is active in community affairs he is an advocate of non-violent social change.
  • Fred Foster understands the relation between government and markets, and the greater business community in North Carolina.
  • He served as the President of the Durham Chapter of the NAACP.
  • Fred Foster was an SEIU Union Organizer.
  • Fred Foster opposed the 95-98 Right to Work Law.
  • Fred Foster supports protecting our environment.  He is opposed to fracking.
  • Fred Foster is a staunch supporter of green jobs and the green economy.
  • He opposes the death penalty.
  • Fred Foster supports the Racial Justice Act.
  • He supports natural resource conservation.
  • He opposes the Voter ID Bill.
  • He opposes passage of the Constitutional Amendment that would violate the Constitutional Rights of a person to choose a partner of their own liking.


  • Commander of the American Legion Post #175.
  • 2nd and 3rd Vice-Chair and Past Treasurer of the Durham County Democratic Party.
  • Precinct Chair of Precinct 23-Durham County Democratic Party.
  • President of the Old Farm Neighborhood Association.
  • Durham County Democratic Party (former treasurer, 2nd and 3rd vice chairman)
  • NC Veterans for John Kerry (Region 4 Chairman)
  • Durham Green Dogs (political chairman)
  • Durham Voter Coalition (past chairman)
  • Durham Congregations, Associations, and Neighborhoods (CAN)
  • Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People
  • The People’s Alliance (Race Relations Committee, chairman; Economic Justice Committee, member)
  • NAACP (President, Durham chapter)
  • Inter-Neighborhood Council
  • Durham Literacy Council (former board member)
  • JRuth, Inc. (board member) “Triangle Gives Back”
  • A. Philip Randolph Institute (Chaplain, Durham Chapter)
  • Seniors and Law Enforcement Together
  • Board Member of Bridges Pointe Foundation
  • Master Mason of Doric Lodge 28
  • Veterans for Benefit Justice
  • Fred Foster worked on the Healthcare Reform Bill by organizing Town hall Meetings throughout North Carolina, and was instrumental in supporting Barack Obama and David Price.

Fred Foster is particularly proud of his contributions to the reduction of unemployment and foreclosures, and the advancement of education and respect for environmental values. He cares deeply about poor people