DURHAM, NC April,19, 2012 – The widely read, and influential newspaper, The Independent Weekly enthusiastically endorsed newcomer Fred Foster Jr. past president of the Durham NAACP.  Foster has shown leadership in his role with the NAACP.  He also is active in the Durham Democratic Party and served on the executive board of Operation Breakthrough, a nonprofit that helps low-income families in Durham.

“I’m excited and appreciative of the Independent Weekly endorsement”, Foster said.  The Independent Weekly wrote that Foster describes himself as a liberal Democrat whose priorities include jobs, economic development and environmental protection and regulatory enforcement. Foster opposes Amendment 1 because, he wrote in his (Independent Weekly) questionnaire, “it violates everything that I have fought against since becoming the leader in Durham for civil rights.”

The Independent Weekly described Foster as opposing sales taxes as a way to generate new revenue for Durham Public Schools and mass transit. They wrote “We disagree with him on this point, but his other bona fides outweigh our diversion of views on this issue.”  Foster says he supports Durham Public Schools but believes that there are other ways to generate revenue aside from using sales taxes.  “We can start with audit reviews to identify waste and duplication of services and move those revenues to where we need them” Foster said.

About Fred Foster


Fred Foster is a candidate for Durham County Commissioner.  Fred Foster has received key

endorsements from community groups including The People’s Alliance, and The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People. The Herald-Sun cited comments from Chairman Phillip Cousins head of the committee, who said that “candidate Fred Foster Jr. received an endorsement because the committee believed he could make a difference as a County Commissioner.

  • Fred Foster understands the relationship between government, economic markets, and the greater business community in North Carolina.
  • Fred Foster is an advocate for fair wages opposed the 95-98 Right to Work Law.
  • Fred Foster is a staunch supporter of green jobs and the green economy.
  • Fred Foster supports natural resource conservation.