“The Petitioner (Fred Foster Jr.) did not ever mail policies to clients or mail any insurance materials to his clients.”

Michael Rivers Morgan Administrative Law Judge June 11, 1991

Calling for the support of all loyal Democrats! I have a long record of service to the Durham community rooted in my care for the underclass and particularly the homeless and unemployed. Having been a victim of unemployment myself, I am especially concerned about members of the Durham community who have been subjects of administrative processes bound by rumors, innuendos, and lies. Durham County Courts are filled with such cases. Republicans failed to acquire a copy of my Personnel record as a former Durham County Employee more than 22 years ago per a ‘Public Records Request, and have selected now to threaten and intimidate me and my family using a Summary Document prepared by an Administrative Judge who reviewed a complaint I filed. As investigations of Public Records are an important part of the electoral process, Republicans would do well to explore those related to themselves and their allies in the Durham community. I have no intention of withdrawing for the seat I rightfully won in the May 8, 2012 Democratic Primary for which I have received support from Durham County Voters. Inspired by thegreat Shirley Caesar’s, “You Can Make It”, I intend to stay the course until I prevail—The King and I. We must always distinguish between allegations and facts!

Beginning in 1979, I worked as a Child Support Agent for the Durham County Department of Social Services. Prior to resigning as an Administrative Assistant with the Durham County Department of Social Services, I had rendered more than ten years of service. After resigning, I subsequently served the State of North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. Providing potentially libelous and false statements by ripping text from public records reflects poorly on the Republican Party. It provides further support for those who argue that the Republican Party continues to be haunted by the ghosts of Richard Nixon and the late Jesse Helms.

We must never yield to the politics of destruction that so dominates Republican dogma. We must take note of individuals pretending to be men and women of God and loyal Democrats while working in behalf of Republicans. These individuals have been forced out of the pulpit and are riddled by broken families—-a condition we must commit to healing. Real Democrats promote family values and hold deep-seated respect for members of the moral community! On what authority do the Republicans rely on to counsel Durham County Citizens and Taxpayers on matters of morality or public integrity?

Why have the Republican’s attacked Fred Foster Jr. and his family? Why now? I support President Barack Obama, the need for more jobs, the Racial Justice Act, smart growth, and environmental security. I oppose discrimination and believe we can provide our children with a superior education. Social Justice must remain a critical feature of life in Durham, and we need to provide greater support for our young people to reduce crime.

I am honored by the support of the Durham County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee to recommend me to the Durham County Board of Commissioners for an immediate appointment to an existing vacancy. I am the best person in our community to fill the position. Having lived and worked in the Durham Community for more than thirty years, I am eminently qualified to represent members of our community as is indicated in part by the 29,395 votes I received recently in the May 8, 2012 Primary Election. (See Table 1.0)

Who has not had a moment of turmoil in their life in the last twenty years? I have long since resolved to put the matter of my employment with Durham County Department of Social Services as an Administrative Assistant behind me and offer myself in service to our community. Twisting the truth will not change the reality that I am best qualified to serve as a Durham County Commissioner. Rather than focus on jobs, education, healthcare, housing, and the many Americans who are in pain as a result of horrific policies and practices, Republicans counsel trivia and ridicule the poor and elderly. In addition, having no positive proposals for job growth, the crisis of education, and healthcare, Republicans spend much of their time attacking President Barack Obama.

Unable to provide substance to our community, Republicans only know disaster and doom. Character assassination and negative commentary have become the order of the day. Their henchmen want to exact pain from anyone who does not toe the line. Moreover, Republicans have promoted bigotry and hate in our community under the guise of constitutionality. Refusing to address environmental threats to our community, special monied interests want to push through the 751 Project by stacking the Durham County Commissioners with persons who are subservient to their interests, and perhaps open to ‘play for pay’ arrangements of the kind we witnessed during the Primary Election on May 8, 2012. Republicans support the 751 Project in spite of their claims of neutrality, and have launched attacks on the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People and Peoples Alliance in the name of social justice by offering metaphors consistent with the ideas of the ‘Southern Strategy’.

The Big Lie! The Republicans are engaged in a smear campaign against me based on an event that occurred more than twenty years ago, and as part of a broader effort to support the 751 Project just days prior to a Durham County Commissioners’ Meeting to consider me for an

appointment to fill Joe Bowser’s seat. We must be very suspicious of the Republican’s claim to ‘moral superiority’ and interest in the public integrity of a Democrat for a case where Democrats are poised to make a decision about a Democratic Candidate. The public record is open for all to see, and the claim that I personally concealed my work record is a ‘Big Lie’. My life is an open book! The document that the Republicans referenced as evidential is a “Recommended Decision” by an official: not a Final Decision rendered by the State of North Carolina.

The Republican Party has a special facility for distorting the record and trying to deny the voter’s their choice. That explains why they have organized systemic efforts to limit voting rights in Black and Hispanic communities. While claiming they have no “dog in this fight” (the Durham County Board of Commissioner’s choice of an individual to fill Joe Bowser’s vacant seat), we know well that the Republican Party has spared no opportunity to attack Democrats, and my case is simply one more example. The Republicans would do well to spend more time exploring the sexual tendencies of Republicans in the North Carolina State House—particularly Aides to Thom Tillis: North Carolina House Speaker. There is a ‘moral and legal crisis’ in the North Carolina House and Senate. Public Integrity is surely in doubt in this case. Republicans everywhere are embarrassed and sadden by the recent news reports related to this matter. Democrats know that the alleged behavior is part of systemic rot, criminality, and moral hypocrisy rooted deeply in the Republican Party.

Lets face it, we have here a calculated attempt by the Republicans to threaten me and call my integrity into question about a matter that occurred more than twenty years ago. I challenged Durham County with respect to a claim that I used my position as an Administrative Assistant to the Accounting Officer to mail personal and business material using county resources. I rejected this claim then and I reject such a claim today. While there were employees who abused their position, no one has produced any evidence to support such a claim in my case. Michael Rivers Morgan, Administrative Law Judge who reviewed my case, agreed with me when he stated,” “The Petitioner (Fred Foster Jr.) did not ever mail policies to clients or mail any insurance materials to his clients.”

The Republican Party offers inconclusive findings by an Administrative Judge as evidence to support their bogus claim that I acted inappropriately in my capacity as an Administrative Assistant. However, Republicans cannot pro duc e hard e v i de nc e to support their position. In the Republican Party’s Press Release, they state ‘Click Here for the Full Report’. There is no Full Report—only a Brief of ‘Recommended Findings’ with respect to my complaint. The Republicans present the Response to my Legal Complaint as evidence of misconduct and a commentary on my moral character. All of this is a ‘Big Lie’ fabricated by the Republicans and their allies at the last hour to impact the Durham County Board of Commissioner’s decision on my possible installment Monday, June 11, 2012.

The Conclusions of Law from the Office of Administrative Hearings decision do not speak for themselves as the Republicans claim. The Administrative Findings were incomplete and I was presented with a string of contradictory statements for ‘alleged actions’. Challenging all alleged failings in my capacity as an Administrative Assistant, I apologized for any misunderstandings and resigned to bring the matter to a conclusion. I contest the finding that I violated standards of personal conduct by conducting business affairs of secondary employment. This was a complete fabrication on the part of officials who failed to tell the whole story.”

Republican Claim

“The Respondent had just cause to dismiss the Petitioner from its employ.”

Foster’s Response

“Fred Foster resigned his Post as an Administrative Assistant because of a series of misunderstandings and false claims.” “Fred Foster resigned. He was not dismissed.”

In short, I resigned my position as Administrative Assistant only to be advised by a Human Resources official that there was never a reason to terminate me, so I filed the complaint to set the record straight. As part of the evidence provided by the Republicans I reject the call for my withdrawal from the Durham County Commissioner’s selection of a person to fill Joe Bowser’s position. Moreover, the Republicans selectively extracted text from a document filed June 11, 1991 as part of an effort to promote a lie about my work record.

I have been married to Mildred Harris Foster for twenty-seven years and I am the proud

father of four children. I have been very active in community affairs, and served as the President of the Durham North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP. I am the president of Old Farm Neighborhood Association and the secretary/treasurer of the executive board of Operation BreakThrough, Inc. I have been the past 2nd and 3rd Vice Chair of the Durham County Democratic Party and the past treasurer of the Durham County Democratic Party. I have been an advocate of non-violent social change and an SEIU Union Organizer opposing the 95-98 Right to Work Law and a staunch supporter of green jobs and a green economy. I worked on the Healthcare Reform Bill by organizing Town hall Meetings throughout North Carolina, and was instrumental in supporting President Barack Obama and Congressman David Price.

Having acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management at North Carolina State University, I understand the relation between government and the greater business community in North Carolina. Sensitive to matters of criminal justice, I support the Racial Justice Act, oppose fracking, oppose the death penalty, support natural resource conservation, oppose the Voter ID Bill, and the Constitutional Amendment that would violate the Constitutional Rights of a person to choose a partner of their own choice. I have also served in the United States Air Force and retired from the

United States Army Reserve with an Honorable Discharge after having served for twenty-two years. By way of summary, I believe that I have the necessary qualifications to fill the vacant position for County Commissioner created by Joe Bowser’s resignation. “The Big Lie” is the special work of Republican Operatives—some of whom pretend to be African-Americans and Democrats.” My education, work experience, community service, military and political background have prepared me for such a time as this. Having received numerous awards for my service in the Durham Community, I am particularly proud of my contributions to the reduction of unemployment and foreclosures, and the advancement of education and respect for environmental values. I care deeply about poor people. I look forward to serving the people of Durham on the Board of County

Commissioners. Forward Democrats!