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My experience as the current President of the Old Farm Neighborhood Association and Secretary/Treasurer of Operation BreakThrough, Inc. Executive Board, Vice Chair of Bridges Pointe Foundation Executive Board, past 3rd Vice Chair; 2nd Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Durham County Democratic Party, past and present elected Precinct Chair of the Durham County Democratic Party, NC Veterans Activist, Healthcare, Education and Labor Activist,  State of NC Child Support Advocate, and retired DMV Employee, provides me with the arsenal to intelligently navigate through a myriad of social, political, and business issues.

I am a tireless advocate for broad social change and greater social and economic prosperity.  An examination of my entire history, personally and professionally, shows that I have been fully committed to community service. Everybody can serve because everyone can lead and make a significant contribution to society.  We dare not ignore the homeless, and the members of our society who suffer from hunger and sickness. We cannot ignore the parents who simply do not have means to support their families. We must be forever conscious of our entire community. It is this vision that imbues me with the humility required for leadership in our community.

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